The Ultimate Travel Experience A Trip to the Moon(English)

12 Feb 2016 14:461860

Tonight's speaker is astronaut and professor Harrison Schmitt of Apollo 17, who was on the last månresan as a geologist and scientist. At his disposal he had a four-wheeled car that he could get around with and investigate various boulders and more on the lunar surface.

Professor Harrison Schmitt, 80 years old is a trained geologist and belonged to the first group Apollo astronauts and participated along with Eugene Cernan on the last lunar landing of Apollo 17 in December 1972. He was the Lunar Module Pilot. Professor Harrison Schmitt studied geology at the California Institute of Technology in 1957, then continued one year at the University of Oslo before taking his PhD at Harvard in 1964. The following year he was admitted to the astronaut program for the Apollo project and became among other things, trained hunting aviator. He was very active in educating all the Apollo astronauts in geology before each journey to the moon and then led the analysis of moon rocks that came back to Earth .. He left NASA in 1975 and was elected senator for the state of New Mexico in 1976. Professor Schmitt was appointed and was elected senator of the University of Wisconsin and is still active with a variety of missions.

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